Christopher John Ball

BA (Hons) MA

Fine arts photographer, campaigner and writer

Fine Art Photography, Book Reviews, Comment and Photography Tutorials.

Includes the cjballphotography picture library

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This website contains images of artistic nudity. If you are under 18 or easily offended please do not enter.

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"...sensual nudes that pay homage to the female form in a manner that is both graceful and elegant.
Very rarely do we come across a portfolio that strikes us so deeply..."
-The New Nude Magazine

Christopher John Ball is proud to be an X-Rite Coloratti

Christopher John Ball is currently in the process of digitally archiving and restoring his entire collection of negatives. These take the form of 35mm, medium format and 5x4 monochrome negatives, covering a period of over 35 years, and include documentary, fine art nudes, fine art flowers, social documentary, photographic essays and more. Many of these images have not been publicly displayed before. He is planning a series of publications based around these and other images.

Christopher will be placing many of these images within the pages of this website, which will have a new design to reflect the updates and publications being planned during 2015. Be sure to bookmark this page and pay a return visit.

Throwing Stones - 'What's in your family album'  a play by Christopher John Ball and Dean Sipling


Throwing Stones - 'What's in your family album'

a play by Christopher John Ball and Dean Sipling

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“Mid-life male photographer meets young, nubile female student-cum-artistic muse - so far it’s old hat. But photographer turned playwright Christopher John Ball and co-writer Dean Sipling, whose background is film and television, bring the pairing into a thoroughly contemporary world of intercepted emails, sinister insinuation and sharp retorts. Their ‘guilty until proved innocent’ plot ... is thoroughly watchable and believable - perhaps as a result of Ball’s professional insights and DS Dom Lucas’ services as police advisor to the production.” Barbara Lewis – The Stage

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